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Inspired Works

Pope John Paul II PDF Print E-mail
"A Peoples Pope" - COLOR PRINT

alt I was inspired to create this image of Pope John Paul II in 1983, because I had high admiration for this Christ-like figure. The Pope is someone who is not afraid to go out into the darkest areas of the world to proclaim the Gospel. He has been shot at, ridiculed, resisted, and persecuted, yet he keeps going out to bring Good News to the world.
He continues to shine the light of Christ into the darkness.

I painted this painting in my kitchen, while my four young daughters, under the age of seven ran, and crawled around my feet.
The painting was miraculously painted in ten hours. I felt the hand of God guiding my hand. At one point, I almost went back to improve the hands, as they reached toward the Pope. I wanted to make them look even more realistic. Others encouraged me to stop, because they felt like the hands were groping to get closer to this special man. I would have lost the energy of the gesture that these hands were suggesting.
The many hands trying to touch the Pope communicate the charisma this Pope has around people. Ten years after I painted this painting I was blessed to see the Pope at the World Youth Day in Colorado with two of my daughters, Jennifer & Maryann. I carried my painting in the vast crowd. I had one nun approach me and ask if I have other inspired works like the Pope painting. When I told her I did not, she retorted, " Then honey you've missed your calling!" Was God speaking to me?
This painting hung at the entrance of our home. A woman brought her granddaughter to my daughter, Laura's Birthday party in August 2000. She stood at my door and wept as she gazed at my painting of the Pope. She shared the same love for this Holy person.
She asked me if I could make a print of the painting. I knew it would be costly for just one copy, but she did not care about price. She just had to have a print the same size as my Pope painting! While I was having this painting printed, an owner of a local gallery spotted it at the printers, and wondered if I had more artwork of this quality. I showed them the few I had done, but I did not feel it was time to create for shows. My focus was still on my family and teaching. Although this opportunity passed, it was God nudging me to use His Gifts to touch lives.
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Divine Mercy

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Image of CHRIST
alt This image was painted in oil paint in October 1993. This image meant so much to me, because I learned about the image, along with a prayer, "Divine Mercy" on a pilgrimage to Conyers, Georgia in September 1993. It was one of the first spiritual trips that would transform my heart to love Jesus intimately!
First of all, Conyers, Georgia was a place where a visionary was receiving messages to encourage everyone to "come back to Jesus."
I was drawn to make this journey, because I was seeking to become more prayerful. I had heard others have spiritual experiences at this Holy place, and saw the fruits. People were coming back reborn in their faith. I wanted what they had.
I can not describe exactly what I saw, but what I felt when I was at Conyers
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Mother Teresa and Child

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"Simply Love The Child"

This is a print of an oil painting, created for a fund-raiser at a parochial school in Fort Wayne, Indiana in January 2002.
I volunteered to create a painting for the school's auction. I had no idea what it would be, or when I would find time to create. For the past few months, I learned that the more I gave, the more I received.
So I trusted God would provide what I needed! And He did!
Creating an ink drawing of Mother Teresa in multi-poses the past summer inspired me to select one particular pose of an infant pressing itself against Mother Teresa.
Mother Teresa would never let one child die in her care without experiencing love. If she saw a child so ill that it would likely die, she would simply love it until it died. As weak as it would be, it would still clutch its hands unto her garment!
I wanted to show the warmth of her great love by using sepia tones. The focus is on the child's hand clutching to Mother Teresa, grasping for love!
This painting was created during an ice storm in January 2002. Losing our electricity, I painted it in a room dimly lit by a kerosene lamp. The wrinkles of Mother Teresa's face were etched in my mind. Her expression was of love and compassion. In only a few days, this work of love was completed. I was so inspired, I continued painting at my daughter, Jennifer's house, where we were evacuated due to the loss of heat in our home. My three-year-old granddaughter pointed to the child in the painting and asked, "Is that Jesus?" She was onto something! Mother Teresa saw Jesus in the most "distressing disguise" of the poorest of poor. She would quietly bring love and care to those who needed it. Her instruction to all the helpers was to simply love the child!


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Embracing His Son, Jesus PDF Print E-mail
"A Compassionate God"

alt This drawing was inspired by a vision of my nephew, Dan Evans. Dan approached me in July 2002 while I was still being inspired to "Draw for God." He told me about his dream of God embracing Jesus.
He said God was emerging from a bright light, but a tear appeared on the His cheek. The hand of God's appears on the shoulder of His Son, Jesus. This was definitely a challenge! I could handle drawing Jesus, but God.
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Tribute to the Heroes of 9-11 PDF Print E-mail
"America United!"

alt September 11, 2001 was a day many will remember, when time stood still.
I was teaching at school, when a student walked in my room exclaiming, "One of the twin towers was hit by a plane!" We immediately turned on the television, and watched as the other tower was hit! We could not believe this was happening! After my students left the room, my eyes were glued to the television, praying for all the souls affected by this terror! As the days went by, I gained a sense of peace. I felt good overcoming evil! Tears fell down my cheek, as I watched the people come together for a prayer service in Washington D. C. As I drove down the interstate in the next few weeks, I witnessed huge flags flying above buildings and homes and on vehicles. One flag hung down from an overpass, and a sign read, "Honk if you love U.S.A." My heart was being touched daily!
I wanted to pay tribute to the heroes, who sacrificed countless hours helping in time of tragedy,
The Firemen and Police were incredibly brave!
I began drawing the fireman in this picture. I wept as I tried to stay focused on the detail of his coat. I had to put the drawing away for a few days, before I could pick it up again! I felt their pain so deeply! When I began drawing again, I chose to depict the Statue of Liberty, a symbol of the strength of this nation. Next I displayed the waving of flags to show the spirit of the people! America pulled together to become a stronger nation. People were coming back to their faith, and prayer became essential! It is the prayer and the presence of the Lord that have helped this nation get back on its feet.
Somehow my husband and I received a Christmas card from the White House. This scripture was inside expressing the Hope we have in Christ to get through these hard times: (This is so appropriate)
"For the Lord is Good; His mercy is everlasting;
And His Truth endureth to all generations."
Psalm 100:5

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